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Top Diy Dry Flower Earrings

Dry Flower Earrings


Dry Flower Earrings

·clear file folder
· Dry flower (hydrangea)
· UV Resin HARD
· Flat brush
· UV light
· No hole pearl
· Resin coloring agent Cyan
· Resin toning palette
· Toning stick
· Earring parts

1. Hydrangea dry flower is placed on top of a clear file folder, and UV resin is painted on with brush thinly. If you paint from the back side at this time, it can be molded neatly.
2. Cure with UV light.
3. Apply UV resin in the same way on the front side, and put the pearl in the center and harden it.
4. Place the resin and a small amount of colorant in the toning pallet and mix well.
5. Scoop a small amount with a toothpick, drop it on clear file and solidify.
6. Apply the resin again to one petal and place drops made from 5 and solidify.
7. Complete by attaching earring parts and flowers with UV resin!!

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