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Top Diy Princess-like Quilting Atomizer ♡

Princess-like Quilting Atomizer ♡


Princess-like Quilting Atomizer ♡

· Resin clay pastel purple
· Stick, spatula for clay
· Cutting board
· Atomizer
· Parchment paper
· Permanent marker
· Scotch tape
· Glue for decoration
· Very small fake pearl
· Pearl
· Bijou
1. Roll out the clay thinly with stick, put the atomizer on it and cut off the extra clay in L-shape with a spatula.
2. Wrap the clay around the atomizer and adjust the shape so that the cut end of the clay is not noticeable.
3. Lightly wrap the parchment paper around the clay-wrapped atomizer and cut extra by adjusting the diameter and length. Fold and spread the sheet so that the side of the sheet is divided into four equal parts and the length is divided into three equal parts. Draw a rhombus latticework using folds.
4. Wrap the sheet with the pattern on atomizer and fix with cellophane tape. Lightly press spatula along the pattern of the sheet, and remove the sheet.
5. Make the marks of the spatula on the clay even more distinctive. Place a cross pattern where lines cross.
6. Find the boundary between the lid and the bottle from the gap of the pattern, make a notch along it and let the lid open.
7. Apply decoration glue where the lines of the grid intersect and set the tiny pearl.
8. Apply plenty of glue also on the top of the lid and decorate with bijou and pearls.
9. Completion if clay and glue are completely dry !!

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