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Top Sweets Eat whole ♡ Tea cup cheese cake

Eat whole ♡ Tea cup cheese cake


Eat whole ♡ Tea cup cheese cake

CCHAN Cooking
Eat a dessert that has colorful cheesecake in a tea cup ^ ^

■ Cooking time Approximately 45 minutes (refrigeration, freezing time excluded)
■ Ingredient cost Approximately 885 yen

■ Ingredients
· Cream cheese ... 300 g
· Sugar ... 60g
· Yoghurt ... 100 g
· Fresh cream ... 200ml
· Lemon juice ... 40ml
· Gelatin ... 18 g
· Food color ... appropriate amount

· White chocolate ... appropriate amount
· White chocolate pretzel ... one

■ Steps
(Preparation) Put water and sticks in a silicone mold and let it freeze

1. Put cream cheese, sugar and yoghurt in a food processor and mix until it becomes smooth
2. Add fresh cream, lemon juice, gelatin and mix it further to make cheesecake
Add colors of your choice, mix them and put them in an ice maker. Cool for 2 hours in a freezer
3. Take the melted chocolate and dip the frozen ice. Take out the ice with the handle. Add the white chocolate pretzel as the handle.
4. Add the cheesecake into the teacup.

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