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Crunchy Cheese Snacks


Crunchy Cheese Snacks

Microwave for 1 Min! Crunchy Cheese Snacks

Just put it in the microwave and make a quick snack!
Crispy snacks are so addicting! !

case1: Perfect for snacks! Crispy cheese in an instant

■ Ingredients (for 4 pieces)
・ Pizza cheese ... 4 tablespoons
・ Topping of your choice (black pepper, parsley, white sesame, chili pepper)

■ Steps:
1. Place 1 tbsp of cheese on a cooking sheet, add plenty of favorite topping on top of it, place on a heat-resistant pan and heat in a range of 600 w for 1 minute.
2. It's done once cooled!

case2: Perfect for lunch boxes! Crispy cheese vegetable chips

■ Ingredients (for 2 pieces)
・ Favorite vegetables (spinach, carrots, etc.)
· Sliced ​​cheese (make sure it can melt) ... 1 sheet

Preparation: Boil spinach and cut to about 4 cm. Slice Carrots are ​​with a peeler and cut to about 4 cm.

■ Steps:
1. Put the vegetables in a silicone mold. Add the sliced ​​cheese, vegetables and sliced ​​cheese (which are cut into 1/4ths) on top and stack in this order. Heat for 2 minutes in a 600 watt microwave.
2. Cool as it is, take it out of the mold when it is cooled and you are done!

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