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Top Diy DIY Cases for Winter!

DIY Cases for Winter!


DIY Cases for Winter!

· UV-LED soft resin
· Coloring (white, green, pearl turquoise)
· Silicone mold (crystal of snow, sphere, card case)
· beads
· Topping parts for fake sweets
· Eye pin
· Baby powder

1, Mix soft resin and colorant to make 4 colors
2. Pour light blue resin into snowflake silicon mold and harden it
3. Pour white resin into spherical mold and harden
4, Pour light blue color resin into card case silicon mold and make it into a marble shape
5, Put the snowflake made in 1 and harden
6, Apply the white spheres made on the front side of the card case and harden it
7, Apply white resin around and harden as if the snowman is melting
8, Pour light blue resin in thinly again into the card case silicon mold
9, Put the snowflakes in and harden it
10, Draw a snowman's face, put beads and parts on and harden it
11, Bend eye pin and stab in snowman
12, Paint parts and resin and harden it
13, Apply baby powder inside the card case
14, Apply resin to the edge of the card case and harden it

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