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Top Sweets Melted “Ice Cream” Dessert!

Melted “Ice Cream” Dessert!


Melted “Ice Cream” Dessert!

CCHAN Cooking
Melted “Ice Cream” Dessert!

I'm sure everyone will be surprised!

■ Ingredients:
・ Eggs ... 1
・ Milk ... 100ml
・ Hot cake mix ... 200g
・ Condensed milk ... 50g
・ Strawberry chocolate… 120g
・ Ice cream cone ... 3
・ Color chocolate spray: 2 tablespoons

■ Steps:
1. Mix egg, milk and hot cake mix.
2 Bake 1 in a 180 degree oven for 20 minutes.
3 Break 2 with a fork, add condensed milk, and mix.
4 Place 3 on the ice cream cone.
5 Add chocolate to 4.
6. Place 4 on a chocolate-decorated plate and add colored chocolate spray. Complete

Production: Fadhila Faizal

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