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Top Diy Sakura Blossom Earrings 2 Ways🌸

Sakura Blossom Earrings 2 Ways🌸


Sakura Blossom Earrings 2 Ways🌸

Contest award-winning works ♪
(Design: @saba_kuro)

[Items to prepare]
・ Washer [PC-300484-G5] x 2
・ Washer [PT-301840-G5] x 2
・ Pearl 4㎜ [FE-00102-02] × 2
・ Petal [FE-00223-421] x 8
・ Earring bracket [PT-303317-G5] × 1pair
・ Metal beads 4mm [PC-300191-G5] x 2
・ Metal hoop
25㎜ [EU-00470-G5] × 2
17㎜ [EU-00424-G5] × 2
15㎜ [EU-02463-G5] × 2
・ Round can 1 × 6㎜ [PC-300076-G5] × 2
・ Chidori grass [NO-00934-BU] x 1
・ North pole [NO-00936-WH] x 1
・ UV-LED resin star trap / hard [NO-00923] appropriate amount
・ UV & LED light 6W [NO-00927]
・ Toning stick [JP-00162]
・ Adhesive / Cemedine High Super 5 [NO-00267]
・ Flat Pincers[NO-00723]
・ Scissors
・ Masking tape

[1] Place a washer on the masking tape and place a small amount of resin solution.
[2] Line up and harden petals.
[3] Put the resin solution in the center and place a washer (flower core) to cure. Add resin and harden with pearl.
(* Add a small amount of resin solution between petals or between pearls and washers to further enhance adhesion.)
[4] Turn it over and spread the resin solution on the back of the washer in [1] to cure.
[5] Attach the earring bracket with an adhesive.
[6] Arrange metal hoops on the masking tape,
Pour the resin solution and harden it by placing finely cut dried flowers.
[7] Pour the resin solution until the surface is filled 2-3 times to cure.
(Do the same for [7] on the back side.)
[8] [5], [7], Metal hoop 15mm is connected with a round part ♪

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