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Top Diy DIY: Viola Flower Earrings

DIY: Viola Flower Earrings


DIY: Viola Flower Earrings

What you need:
・Artistic wire #28
・Nail polish  dark purple/bluish-purple/yellow
・U shaped hook earrings
・Resin solution
・UV light

1. Make 10 petals with wire.
Top: 2 big petals, right & left: 2 small petals, bottom: 1 heart shaped petal
2. Paint the petals. Use dark purple polish for the top, and bluish-purple for the rest to paint the petals. Let it dry.
3. Paint the petals with white polish from the center out.
4, When dry, Apply yellow polish over the white polish.
5. Apply the resin solution and place them under the UV lights for 3 min.
6. Cut the all the extra wire off.
7. Twist 20cm long wire to create the base.
8. Use superglue to secure the petals.
9. Apply small amount of dark purple polish over the center part of the flower.
10.When dry, attach the hooks and you are done

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