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Top Diy DIY: "Scratch-it " Card

DIY: "Scratch-it " Card


DIY: "Scratch-it " Card

Writing a message to someone who you have a crush on..may raise your heartbeat..
Specially on Valentine's day!

Same for the person as well!
why not to try a fun way to deliver your thoughts to the person?
It is " Scratch-it" handmade message card!

Gently scratch the panel that contains your message with a coin...
Your message is well delivered!

Perfect for valentine's day either Giri gifts or Mr/Ms right gifts♡ IT IS FUN!

【 Prepared items】
・Dishwash liquid
・Shallow dishes
・Acrylic colour...Red
・Message cards
・Clear tape

① Add few drops of dishwash liquid in a shallow dish
② Add red arylic in the liquid and mix them properly
③ Write down a message on a card
④ Tape the message area where you want to hide
⑤ Blush over the area with the mixed liquid and wait until it is dry HAVE FUN!

Fun for any purposes!
jokes, quiz time and so on~

Have fun with people around you♪

The demonstrator: MIRAN KATSUMATA

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