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Tweezers Makeup


Tweezers Makeup

Tweezers are not just pull out hair!
It can be a very useful item to do makeup!
You can do makeup beautifully easier than usual just by mastering this ♡

【PATTERN 1 Eyebrow】
It is difficult to draw beautiful shapes everyday! It always becomes a different eyebrow! And who have a lot of trouble? It is an eyebrow using shavings that will solve it ☆If you draw according to the shape of the place you took out with a hair remover, it is easy to complete beautiful eyebrows!

【PATTERN 2 Shading】
It is difficult to make the shading the same on the left and right! I want to make a straight and beautiful shadow! Have you noticed that? You can also draw beautiful shadows in accordance with the nose ridge if you use hair shavings ☆ ☆ Because the line is also thin, it will be very natural shading!

Please try~!

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