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Top Sweets Fluffy! Strawberry Princess Bed Cake

Fluffy! Strawberry Princess Bed Cake


Fluffy! Strawberry Princess Bed Cake

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Fluffy! Strawberry Princess Bed Cake

It is too cute to eat.
We made a princess bed out of shortcake!

■ Ingredients
Sugar veil:
Tricot mix ... 100g
・ Hot water ... 80 ml

Cookie dough
-Butter ... 50 g
-Honey ... 40 g
・ Wheat flour ... 140 g

・ Sponge ... 100 g
・ Whipped cream ... 50 g
・ 3 strawberries
・ Marzipan ... 80 g
・ Argent ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
・ Cookie
Add honey to room temperature butter and mix.
Sift the flour and mix until the flour is gone.
Extend to 1 cm thickness and let sit in refrigerator for 1 hour.
Cut the cookie dough along the mold and bake in a 160 degree oven for 15 minutes.

・ Tricot mix
Add 50 ° C hot water to the tricot mix and mix with a mixer.

1. Apply tricot mix to silicone mold and dry overnight to make a sugar veil.
2. Put whipped cream and strawberries on sponge to make a short cake and let it cool.
4. Use a sharp edge to cut marzipan in diagonal lines. Place Argents where the lines cross.
5. Put marzipan over the short cake. Attach cookies to the ends of the cake and put marzipan on the pillow.
6. Attach a curtain with the dried sugar veil and place it on the bed to complete.

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