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Top Gourmet [Singapore] Affordable Local Snacks

[Singapore] Affordable Local Snacks


[Singapore] Affordable Local Snacks

Audrey Patricia
Old Chang Kee is well known for their delicious deep fried finger food. There are many Old Chang Kee outlets peppered across Singapore, you can definitely find one just around the corner! Their most popular item is the curry puff. The curry filling is made with their secret curry recipe, mixed with chunks of chicken, hard boiled egg, and most importantly, potato. All this goodness is wrapped up nicely with their special dough, and then deep fried to golden perfection. The dough is crispy and nicely seasoned and it goes so well with the spicy curry! There is a wide variety of fried food on sticks that you can choose from. From chicken wings to cheesy chicken balls, you are definitely spoilt for choice!

$1 - $3 per item

Old Chang Kee

ウェブ www.oldchangkee.com

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