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Top Gourmet 【Korea】Let's go eat cold noodle dish!

【Korea】Let's go eat cold noodle dish!


【Korea】Let's go eat cold noodle dish!

Yvonne Flores
In Korea, the summer season brings out the best cold noodle dish in the country, naengmyeon. It was around lunch time when I decided to have naengmyeon at my favorite naengmyeon restaurant, Yookssam Naengmyeon, just outside my university. Naengmyeon is divided into two kinds, mul naenmgyon, buckwheat cold noodle served in chilled broth with ice, and bibim naengmyeon, served with a dollop of spicy red chili sauce. Strong woman that I am, I chose bibim naengmyeon, of course! :P What I love about Yooksam Naengmyeon is that they serve the noodle with a side of charcoal bbq pork. Yum! The chewiness from the cold buckwheat noodle and the delicious cut of meat is just about the reason why Koreans eat naengmyeon to chase the summer heat away :D

Bibim naengmyeon - 5500won


address 16-33 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
ウェブ www.yookssam.com

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