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Top Bodycare FUN! Coloring Paint Face Mask

FUN! Coloring Paint Face Mask


FUN! Coloring Paint Face Mask

Seriously? Am I painting on my face?
A no-no! It is a wash-off facial colouring paint pack♪
A good pack that letting you have fun painting over your face and nourishing your face at same time♪
Let me show you the fun colouring paint pack!

Apply colour paint on the provided palette individually then blush your preferred colour your face.
Blend the colour if you wish, HAVE FUN!

(Natural botanical extracts in each colour )
White...Skin moisturizing( Intensely moisturizes dry skin, leaving it moist and glossy)
Yellow...Skin nourishing( Improves and rejuvenates dull and tired skin.)
Red...Revitalzing(Powerfully revitalizes tired skin, improving its overall health.)
Green...Skin soothing(Relievie and strengthen troubled and stressed skin.)
Black...Pore care(Sweep away all impurities, dead skin cells, and excess sebum to clarify and soften skin.)

(Demonstrated items in the clip)
B & Soap 『COLORING PAINTS PACK』Painting pack

The model: HARUNA

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