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Top Life Hack 4 Cooking Tricks You Should Know!
Life Hack

4 Cooking Tricks You Should Know!

Life Hack

4 Cooking Tricks You Should Know!

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4 Cooking Tricks You Should Know

case1: simmered fat
If you try to eat it, it's full of oil
1. When the food is cold, sink the wrap and gently press
2. Wait for a moment and peel off. Then the oil will peel off together

case2 : Ginger grated for easy cleaning
Ginger sticks to the grater?

1. When about to grate ginger, put double the cooking sheet on top
2. Ginger gathers on the sheet, and when it is removed, the grate is not dirty!

case3: Even if you microwave, the plate won't heat up
Microwaving dish is hot and can't hold

1. Wrap the corner of the wrap on the diagonal, and fold the other two corners on the plate
2. The folded wrap is closely attached to the dish
Even if you microwave it, it's not hot if you hold it on the unwrapped area!

case4: How to avoid ham waste
When eating ham on bread, there is a gap in the corner ...

1. If you cut two hams in half, there will be no gap! !

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