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Top Sweets The real thing!? “Fake” Sweets Sushi

The real thing!? “Fake” Sweets Sushi


The real thing!? “Fake” Sweets Sushi

CCHAN Cooking
The real thing!? “Fake” Sweets Sushi

Sweets like sushi made with sweets and fruits!

■ Cooking time about 60 minutes (excluding leaving time)
■ Ingredients cost about 900 yen

■ Ingredients Easy to make
“Shari” part
・ Puffed rice ... 100g
・ Marshmallow… 50g
Sushi part
・ Mini cup jelly ... 17
・ Strawberry syrup ... 1 tablespoon
・ Orange syrup ... 1 tablespoon
・ Banana ... 1/6
・ Black honey ... a little
・ Yellow peach… 1/4
・ Tapioca… 40g
・ Strawberry syrup ... 2 tablespoons
・ Black cocoa crepe ... appropriate amount

1. Melt the mini cup jelly in a pan
2. Divide 1 in half and color with strawberry syrup and orange syrup. Pour into tupperware and cool in refrigerator. Soak tapioca in strawberry syrup for 1 hour
3. Warm the marshmallow in a pan and mix with the puffed rice. Round into bite-sized bales
4. Cut the yellow peach into a rectangle. Cut the banana in half. Cut it in half lengthwise and apply black honey.
5. Remove 2 from the tupperware and cut it to make sashimi
6. Place the material on the shari and it is complete

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