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Top Makeup Time Saving Makeup Redo Hack!

Time Saving Makeup Redo Hack!


Time Saving Makeup Redo Hack!

4 ways to redo the makeup.
Simply keep those helpful tricks in your mind to help you out anytime♡
Get the 5 things in your makeup porch handy to free you everywhere!

・Dark eyelids
① apply shining eyeshadow on eyelids and eye tear ducks to make the highlighted area look brighter!

・Unshaped eyebrows
① Apply powder foundation to remove the extra oil on the eyebrows 
→ extra oil on the eyebrows is the reason that removes the makeup

・Darker cycles under the eyes(Panda eyes)
①apply liquid concealer under the eyes
②use cotton stick to well mix the concealer
→ a simple way to apply concealer oil to cover the darker cycles!

・No time to redo the make-up
①apply lip gross(sticks) in red color on the lip
→A well-do makeup to brighter the face skin!

(Demonstrated items in the clip)
・Eye base color(pearl & mat) golden A45
・CHIFURE:Powder foundation S42
・FASIO:Powder eyebrow pencil BR 301
・LOREAL PARIS:Lucent magic touch up pen 02
・KATE:Colour sensor lip tint RD-2

Model: MAYA

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