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Top Diy How to Make Cosmetic Case

How to Make Cosmetic Case


How to Make Cosmetic Case

- Wood Box (DAISO) ... 4 pieces
- Interior metal mesh frame (Seria) ... 1 piece
- Paint
- Stainless steel mounting bracket ... 4 pieces
- Bolts ... 8 pieces
- Nuts ... 8 pieces
- Rhinestone seal
- Lace
- Cloth and tag you like
- Glue
- Driver
- Clothespins
- Ballpoint pen
- Newspaper
- Vinyl gloves

① Remove the handle from the plate on the lid of two wood boxes. Bond and fix the handle to the box. (It will stabilize when you use clothespins.)

② Apply paint to all four boxes and a metal mesh frame and dry.

③ Put the lidded box on top of the uncovered box. Apply the stainless steel mounting brackets on the boxes and mark the position of the hole with the ballpoint pen. Drill a hole in the marked part, fix the mounting brackets with the bolts and nuts. Joint the other lidded and uncovered boxes in the same way, but invert the direction of the mounting brackets.

④ Put two pairs of boxes and bond the inner side of the lower boxes and the metal mesh frame.

⑥ Completed decorating with lace ribbons and rhinestones!

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