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Top Diy DIY Resin Earrings with Nail Stamper

DIY Resin Earrings with Nail Stamper


DIY Resin Earrings with Nail Stamper

■ Working time: 15 minutes (excluding the time to dry the top coat)
■ Material cost: $3

· Frame parts (Daiso)
· Color Resin (Daiso)
· Nail stamp plate (CanDo)
· Nail stamp stamper (CanDo)
· Nail polish
· Earring Parts (Daiso)
· Top coat
· Super glue
· Masking tape
· UV light
· Tweezers
· Paper towels

※ When using resin, it is recommended to use vinyl gloves etc
1. Cut a short piece of masking tape, make it in a loop with the sticky side facing out, and squeeze it. Place frame parts on with tweezers etc.
2. Add plenty of resin in parts and cure with UV light.
3. On the paper towel, place nail stamp plate. Paint nail polish on the pattern of the nail stamp plate and remove the extra manicure with the scraper that comes with the stamp.
4. Press the stamper on from above firmly and transfer the pattern to the stamper. Be careful not to push the stamper on more than once as the nail polish will not transfer neatly otherwise.
5. Stamp on resin so that the stamper gently rolls over resin and transfers the pattern.
6. Remove extra nail polish, apply topcoat and dry.
7. Flip over once the top coat dries and apply UV light to completely cure the back side.
8. Attach a small amount of a super glue to the back side, and attach the earring parts. Done!!

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