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Top Cooking Gyoza Dumpling Ramen

Gyoza Dumpling Ramen


Gyoza Dumpling Ramen

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Make it at home!

Dumpling bean paste 2 servings
・Ground pork...200g
・Green onion... 1/3
・Soy sauce... 1 tsp
・Salt and pepper...
・Grated ginger... 1 tsp
・Sake... 1 tsp

・Bag noodle soy sauce flavor... 1 bag
・Menma...appropriate amount
・Char siu... 2 sheets
・Seasoned egg... 1

■ Steps
Cut the cabbage into small pieces, add a little salt and mix, leave for 10 minutes, and squeeze out the water.

1. Put the ingredients of dumpling bean paste in a bowl and mix
2. Heat salad oil in a frying pan and fry 1
3. Make the bag noodles as instructed and put them on a plate
4. Add pork, bamboo shoots, seasoned egg
5. Complete with step 2

Production: Kiko Miura

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