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Top Nail Cute Art Floral Nails♡

Cute Art Floral Nails♡


Cute Art Floral Nails♡

Cute Art Floral Nails♡

1 Apply a clear top coat to the base
2 Polish the petals on the sponge.
3 Dab a sponge on nails and draw a flower
4 Draw pollen with gold glitter polish
5 Apply it directly to your nails with a slightly dull light green polish
6 Take a small amount of white acrylic paint on the interdental brush and apply it to your nails.
7 Blur the white area with an interdental brush that does not have anything
8 Take the black acrylic paint on the tip and apply it on the nail in a few places.
9 Apply a top coat and it's done!

produced by cin-cia nail academy

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