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Top Nail Suddenly I’m Hungry !? Ramen Nails

Suddenly I’m Hungry !? Ramen Nails


Suddenly I’m Hungry !? Ramen Nails

A small ramen shop opens on your hand!
Are you hungry? Watch carefully!

1. Put a white mixture in a silicon mold and crush it with semi-circular plastic clay.
2. Remove from the silicon mold and paint the outer 2/3 red to make a ramen bowl.
3 Attach a little white mixture to the center of 2 and remove it from the plastic clay.
4. Apply white gel.
5 Apply 2 times.
6. Put a white mixture on the nail and place 3 on it.
7. Paint the edge red.
8. Cut the flat yellow clay into noodles.
9. Make the mixture into a spinach shape and paint with green and white gel.
10. Make two sticks and paint them brown to make chopsticks.
11 Put the noodles made in 8 into a bowl and pour a sheer yellow gel.
12 Wrap noodles around chopsticks and place them in a bowl.
13. Place the created topping parts.
14. Completed by drawing the egg yolk with a yellow gel.

produced by cin-cia nail academy @cincia_nail

Nail design: Sonomi Ogawa

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