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Green Tea Ganache


Green Tea Ganache

CCHAN Cooking
Green Tea Ganache

■ Ingredients
<Green tea chocolate layer>
・ White chocolate ... 160g
・ Milk ... 3 tbsp
・ Matcha: 1 tablespoon

<Milk chocolate layer>
・ Chocolate… 150g
・ Milk ... 3 tablespoons

■ Steps
1. Sift matcha into a bowl and add milk little by little and mix.
2. Add chopped white chocolate, mix evenly with green tea powder, and warm for 1 minute in a 600w microwave
3. Pour the cooking paper on a pan and pour it
4. Put chopped chocolate and milk in a separate bowl, mix gently, and heat in a 600w microwave for about 1 minute.
5. Pour 4 into 3 and cool in the freezer for 45 minutes
6. Take out of the pan, apply matcha powder, cut it and it is complete ♪

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