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Top Sweets Hamburger? Dessert Burger!

Hamburger? Dessert Burger!


Hamburger? Dessert Burger!

CCHAN Cooking
Hamburger? Dessert Burger!

Hamburger, french fries, and drinks… all made from sweets!

■ Cooking time about 50 minutes
■ Ingredients cost about 2000 yen

■ Ingredients:
・ Box brownie ... suitable amount
・ Cupcake ... suitable amount
・ White chocolate ... 240 g
・Food color ... blue · yellow · black
・ Sugar ... suitable amount
・ Box cookie dough plain / chocolate ... suitable amount

■ Steps:
1. Remove a part of the brownie with a round cookie mold.
2. Cut the cupcake in half.
3. Put step 1 on 2.
4. Put the yellow, red and green food coloring in the melted white chocolate and put it in the squeeze bag
5. Apply 4 to 3 and place the other half of step 2 on top.
6. Decorating with the melted white chocolate on top, and it’s complete.

French fries
1. Roll out plain cookie dough, cut into stick shapes, and add sugar.
2. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes, put in a bag, and complete.

1. Overlap plain, chocolate cookie dough.
2. Cut 5cm thick and bake in oven for about 20 minutes.
3. When 2 is put in a cylindrical wrapping paper, it is completed.

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