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Top Diy DIY Azul Paper Raffia Earrings ♡

DIY Azul Paper Raffia Earrings ♡


DIY Azul Paper Raffia Earrings ♡


<What to prepare>
・ Paper raffia
・ A ruler that matches the size of the work you want to make
・ Scissors
・ Tape glue
・ Felt sheet 2 colors
・ Bijou
・ Very small beads 2 colors
・ Deco Princess
・ Earring parts

1. Wrap the paper raffia around the ruler several times and remove it so that it does not lose its shape.
2. Make a knot in the middle and cut off the ring at the end with scissors. Unfold the raffia and spread it out into a circle.
3. Glue the edges of the raffia together with a tape glue to create a beautiful circle without any gaps.
4. Prepare a felt sheet cut to the size you want to put the beads on.
5. Paint the felt with a deco princess or bond and stretch it out, placing the bijoux in the middle. Spread beads around bijoux.
6. Attach the felt wrapped with beads to the middle of the raffia circle with a deco princess or bond. Apply felt in the same way on the back side and glue the earring parts to complete. Complete when the deco princess is completely dry.

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