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Top Diy DIY: Cute Door Stopper

DIY: Cute Door Stopper


DIY: Cute Door Stopper

■ Time required: about 60 minutes
■ Cost: Approximately $10

· Super-fast drying cement
· Water...appropriate amount (Please read the cement package for details)
· Paint
· Small paper pack
· Curtain tassel rope
· Rhinestone sticker
· Disposable chopsticks
· Vinyl gloves
· Newspaper

① Prepare a paper pack on top of newspaper, pour in cement and water and stir.
② Once mixed, mix in paint.
③ Put the ends of the tassel rope in the cement and keep in place with chopsticks and dry for 5 minutes.
④ When the surface settles down, cut off the lid part of the paper pack, flatten surface with a spatula or fingertip, and dry until it is completely cured.
⑤ After drying, remove it from the paper pack and decorate with rhinestone sticker.
*It is recommended to wear plastic gloves while working so as not to get cement in eyes or mouth. Also, the finished stopper is heavy so be careful to not injure self!

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