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Top Makeup Bullet Wound Special Effects

Bullet Wound Special Effects


Bullet Wound Special Effects

Yvonne Flores
1. Begin by applying spirit gum on the middle of the forehead where the hole is going to be. Spirit gum is used to make the wax stick to the skin.
2. While waiting for the spirit gum to be tacky, take half a marble-sized scar wax and roll into a one-inch elongated shape.
3. To know if the spirit gum is ready, touch the spirit gum and if it's already tacky, put the scar wax on top and start molding.
4. Start by molding the outer edge of the wax using a spatula or your finger. Use petroleum jelly to easily smoothen the edges. Make sure there are no visible lines and bumps.
5. Take a black eyeshadow and pat the color along the inner hole.
6. To match the wax with your skin tone, use foundation or concealer to cover the wax.
7. For the outer part of the hole, using either Ben Nye's color wheel in bruise or just matte eyeshadow in colors, purple, green and red, pat around the hole mimicking the effect of bruised skin.
8. To finish the look, put fake blood on the hole and let it drip naturally.

Bullet Wound Makeup

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