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Top Diy Cookies and Milk Key Holder!

Cookies and Milk Key Holder!


Cookies and Milk Key Holder!

【What to prepare】
・ Miniature bottle
・ Resin clay white
・ Cotton swab
・ Deco cream sauce strawberry chocolate
・ Chocolate spray
・ Lightweight clay Hearty clay white
・ Acrylic paint brown / black
・ Toothpick
・ Masking tape
・ adhesive
・ Heaton
・ Key holder parts

1. Put resin clay in the mini bottle
2. Decorate with cream sauce
3. Apply chocolate spray
4. Color lighter clay black
5. Flatten and dry
6. Cut into small pieces with scissors after drying
7. Color light clay brown and put cut clay
8. Make cookies with a toothpick and make a hole
9. Cut both ends of the cotton swab
10. Wrap masking tape on cotton swab
11. Stick cookies to the bottle and stick the straw through
12. Completed with Heaton (hole part)

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