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Top Sweets Cactus Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream!

Cactus Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream!


Cactus Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream!

CCHAN Cooking
Soft like mochi ♪ It looks like cactus ice cream.
**It’s not painful at all!

■ Ingredients:
・ Mochi flour ... 115g
・ Sugar… 55g
・ Salt… appropriate amount
・ Matcha powder: ½ tsp
・ Water: 115ml
・ Starch flour ... 100g

Cactus decoration
・ Ice cream: appropriate amount
・ Coconut flakes ... appropriate amount
・ Matcha paste: appropriate amount
・ Cracker ... appropriate amount
・ Sugar paste: appropriate amount

■ Preparation
1. Put rice cake powder, sugar, salt and matcha powder in a bowl and mix.
2 Add water to 1 and mix.
3 Wrap the bowl in 2 and place in the microwave for 1 minute.
4 Mix 3 with a wet spatula.
5. Put in the microwave again for 1 minute.
6 Sprinkle whole starch with 5.

■ Steps:
1. Dispense the ice cream for one person and let it cool.
2. Roll out the mochi and keep it cold.
3. Add the green tea paste to coconut and mix.
4. Remove step 2 from the mold, put 1 and round it with a wrap and keep it cool.
5. Add step 3 to 4 as a whole.
6. Place step 5 in a bowl filled with crushed crackers.
7. Completed with sugar paste.

Production: Fadhila Faizal

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