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Top Cooking 3 Ways to Make Dumplings!

3 Ways to Make Dumplings!


3 Ways to Make Dumplings!

CCHAN Cooking
3 Ways to Make Dumplings! Japanese vs. Western vs. Indian

Not only taste but also three kinds of different appearance ♡
Let's liven the gyoza dumpling party with various dumplings!

■ Ingredients
・ Large-sized gyoza skin… appropriate amount
・ Water: appropriate amount
<< Japanese-style dumplings (wrapped in pinwheels) >>
・ Minced chicken ... 100g
・ Pickled plums ... appropriate amount
・ Green onion ... appropriate amount
《Western style dumplings (braided wrap)》
・ Sausage ... appropriate amount
・ Cheese that melts
・ New potatoes ... appropriate amount
《Indian style dumplings (turban wrapped) (hat wrapped)》
・ Minced pork… 100g
・ Onions ... appropriate amount
・ Curry powder ... appropriate amount
■ 3 types of sauce:
(Japanese) ponzu + green onion
(Western) Ketchup + Mustard
(Seal) Soy sauce + vinegar + rape oil

■ Steps:
1. Mix the ingredients
2. Wrap in dumpling skin as you like
3. Cook in a frying pan, bake with the skin, add water when the color is browned, cover it, and cook it with steam.

-Production: Tsukuriko

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