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Top Sweets Trendy apple rose pies!

Trendy apple rose pies!


Trendy apple rose pies!

CCHAN Cooking
A popular apple dessert recipe - 「 Apple rose puffed pies」on Instagram!
The most-liked dessert pictures on social media!
Give it a try!

■ Ingredients
・Caster sugar...2 table spoons
・Pie pasty shees..1 sheet
・Liquid eggs...adjust the amount if need

■ Steps
1. Slice apples into 2 mm size ※ Good to use a slicer
2. Place apple slices, caster sugar, butter in a bowl and heat it in a 600W microwave for 3 minutes. Leave it cool then proceed to next step
3. Arrange a pie sheet and cut it in 4 straight rows)
4. Blush liquid eggs on the sheet.
To form a rose, arrange each apple slices overlapping one another.
Start with the end, gently roll apples.
5. Heat oven to 160 degrees, transfer to oven and bake it for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

※ Additional tint: mix strawberry jam 50g and 2 table spoons of water together, then blush over the apple petals to get a shiny look.

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