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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】Kitkat Monster cake?!?!

【Thailand】Kitkat Monster cake?!?!


【Thailand】Kitkat Monster cake?!?!

Bri B.
The Cafe is located in Siam Centre Department store, 3rd floor. There are 2 more branches at Thonglor and Empire Tower. There are many various types of cake, bakery and drinks. My recommendation is 'Kitkat Monster cake' which is a chocolate cake covered with M&M and Kitkats. My favorite thing is that the desserts from Mr.Jones' Orphanage are not too sweet :)

Mr.Jones' Orphanage Milk Bar, Bakery & Café

address Gr. Fl. Seen Space, Thonglor 13/ 3rd Fl. Siam Center

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