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Top Gourmet [Korea] "Crazy Crab" if you eat a crab

[Korea] "Crazy Crab" if you eat a crab


[Korea] "Crazy Crab" if you eat a crab

Hi, I'm Clipper Dawon in Korea. Today, Let me introduce you Crazy Crap in Cebu, the Philippines. After choosing the crap, you could chose the sauce. ((They have different kinds of sauces,,, such as,, from mild one to spicy one,,,,You know,, ,I'm Korean,,,I could take spicy….) I ordered Black pepper and Garlic sauce it was really good. Oh, I totally recommend you should have ramen, too! Don’t forget to try this crap, when you go to Cebu!

Garlic Crab

Crazy Crab Restaurant

address Banilad, Cebu City, PhilippinesGaisano Country Mall, Banilad
Phone Number +63 32 416 2344
ウェブ https://www.facebook.com/crazycrabcebu

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