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Berry Ice Cream Cake


Berry Ice Cream Cake

CCHAN Cooking
・Frozen mixed berries( For puree)...150g / for filling 100g
・Lemon juice...2 tbsp
・Heavy cream...200ml
・Egg white...2
・Sugar... 80g

・Whipped cream
・Blue berry
・Mint leaves

Defrost frozen berries in advance
Cut strawberry in half then mix it with honey and blue berry

1. Prepare a milk carton box, remove on side of it, seal the open with tape.
2. Place deforested mixed berries and lemon juice in a food processor, blend it until puree condition, then transfer the content to a bowl
3 Rinse the professor then place heavy cream to blend until it goes like muddy. Pour the sauce to the bowl then blend it well with a rubber spatular.
4. Make a whipped cream, prepare another bowl then place egg whites in, add in sugar in a 4 times basis while whipping the cream.
Stop whipping when the peak is slight lifted but not firm.
5. Add whipped cream in the bowl contained mixture, gently blend it together with a rubber spatular. Add in mixed berries(filling) in it and blend again.
6. Pour the mixture in the carton pack, let it chill in the fridge. Remove it from the pack when it goes harden. Top with whipped cream, strawberry, blue berry and mint leaves to finish.

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