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Japanese vs Korean Makeup


Japanese vs Korean Makeup

Japan: Integrate Beauty Trick Eyebrow BR731
POINT: Eyebrow powder to soften and soften it
Korea: APRILSKIN Magic Zoom Tint Eyebrow 02 Natural Brown
POINT: Draw a firm parallel eyebrow with liquid eyebrow

<Eye Shadow>
Japan: SweetsSweets Sparkling Eye Gross 01 Milky Beige
POINT: Firmly gloss plus
Korea: ETUDE HOUSE Look at my eye jewel RD301

Japan: Browse Rush EX
Water Strong W Eyeliner
Lady Brown × Pink Beige
POINT: Use brown eyeliner so as not to be noticeable
Korea: heimish de rhythm smumage stop eye liner 03 chocolate black
POINT: Letting the corners of the eyes look like eyebrows

Japan: Can Make Lip & Cheek Gel
03 Raspberry Float
POINT: Apply it in the face under the eyes
Korea: ETUDE HOUSE Nymph Aura Volume # 3
POINT: Get toned and glossy skin

Japan: Beauty Mines
Oil Care Tinto
02 Candy Peach
POINT: 3Dl lip that you paint as a whole
Korea: Heimish de rhythm gradation cushion tint No. 6 geranium
POINT: Applyto inside only to make gradation

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