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Golden Bar Cake


Golden Bar Cake

CCHAN Cooking
・A loaf of pound cake(21 cm)...1 serve
・Heavy cream...100ml
・Caster sugar...10g
・Edible golden papers(8cm in square shape)...13 pieces

・Sugar paste powder...300g
・Food colouring in yellow and black...few dashes
・Shortening(When necessary)...few


Add caster sugar in heavy cream then whisk until the peak is lifted firmly
Slice off the top crust of pound cake

1. Use a knife spatula to frost the top of the cake with whipped cream
2. Place sugar paste powder and water in a bowl, blend it properly with a rubber spatula, mix them well
3. Knead the sugar paste dough properly on a chopping board until the texture goes smooth then add in food colouring .
Continuously knead the dough to let the colour completely mix
(Apply shortening on palms if the dough goes sticky)
4 Place a sheet of baking paper on the chopping board, use a rolling pin to size up the dough, ensure the size is big enough to cover the pound cake. After the dough is perfectly rolled up, wrap the pound cake along with baking paper, squeeze the dough to stay on the cake perfectly. Cut off extra dough.
5. Stamp any preferred characters on the top of cake. (The cookies stamps are used in the clip)
6. Apply edible golden papers on the cake carefully, avoid making bubbles in between the cake and the paper
(Use a paint brush or tweezer while applying a sheet of thin golden paper on the cake)

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