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Top Gourmet [Singapore] Ramen Burger, Yummy!

[Singapore] Ramen Burger, Yummy!


[Singapore] Ramen Burger, Yummy!

Audrey Patricia
Aloha!! Little Hiro is a Hawaiian-Japanese burger shack. Their menu contains exotic East meets West flavours - they only use premium ingredients and the price is also pocket friendly. My favourite dish in this restaurant is Shio Ramen Burger with Chicken Kaarage! These burgers are so unique because instead of buns, they use ramen as the patty! I enjoyed this dish a lot! The ramen was not too crispy and maintained its chewiness. The chicken is so well fried, it’s tender but crispy. The part that I love the most is the home-made egg mayonnaise that tied all the things together! Worth a try!

Chiken Kaarage Ramen Burger S$10.20

Little Hiro

address King’s Arcade, #01-01, 559 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269695
ウェブ www.hirobbq.com

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