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Top Diy DIY: Charm and Necklace

DIY: Charm and Necklace


DIY: Charm and Necklace

■ Working time: about 20 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately 300 yen

【Things you need】
· Key parts
· Instant glue
· Tweezers
· Gloves
· Key chain parts
· Rhinestone
· Chain
· Heart shaped parts
· Flat Yatko
· Round Can
· Key holder hardware

1) Apply glue to key parts, arrange key chain parts and rhinestones
2) Connect the tip of the chain to the key part with a round can, and wrap it around
3) Pass the tip of the other side of the chain through the hole and connect the heart parts with a round can
4) Completed by connecting key parts and key holder fittings with round cans!

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