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Top Sweets Easy Bite-sized Dorayaki!

Easy Bite-sized Dorayaki!


Easy Bite-sized Dorayaki!

CCHAN Cooking
Soft and sweet bite-sized dorayaki!

■ Ingredients:
・ Egg ... 1
・ Honey ... 2 tablespoons
・ Sugar ... 1 tbsp
・ Mirin ... 2 tablespoons
・ Milk ... 3 tbsp
・ Hot cake mix ... 100g

・ Anko (sweet bean paste), butter
・ Anko, sweet chestnut
・ Anko, fresh cream
・ Banana and chocolate sauce
・ Strawberries, condensed milk
・ Cream cheese, jam
・ Apple jam, cinnamon
・ Fresh cream, walnut, maple syrup
・ Marshmallow, matcha, white chocolate
・ Cheese, honey
・ Vanilla ice cream, salt
・ Fresh cream, banana, red bean paste, strawberry, maple syrup

■ Steps:
1. Put eggs, honey, sugar, mirin, and milk in this order in a bowl and mix well each time.
2. Add the pancake mix to 1 and mix well until there are no lumps.
3. Heat the frying pan and let it cool a little, then pour the dough into a bite-sized piece and turn it over when bubbles appear on the surface.
4. Cool and put your favorite ingredients in between to complete!

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