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Top Diy Animal DIY Creations✨

Animal DIY Creations✨


Animal DIY Creations✨

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Only resin clay and U pins are used!

[Things to prepare]
・ Resin clay
・ U pin

1, knead red, yellow and blue resin clay firmly. When evenly mixed, add white resin clay and knead it a little to make a marbled portion of the panda.
2. Lightly knead white / light blue resin clay to make a marble part of the panda.
3. Make panda's head, torso, nose, paws and eye parts with white clay.
4. Make parts of hands, feet, ears, around eyes, nose tip and tail with black clay.
5, Assemble the parts separately for the buttocks and head.
6, Pin each with a U pin on the back side, then let it dry!

This time, I made everything using 100 yen products! Please make it by all means because it is easy ^^

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