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Top Sweets Tiroru Choco Pie♥

Tiroru Choco Pie♥


Tiroru Choco Pie♥

CCHAN Cooking
Everybody loves Tiroru Choco! Just wrap your favorite Tiroru Choco in pie sheets. It's a great gift to give! You can use matcha powder instead or decorate the pie! I hope you guys try out this recipe!

[Ingredients- makes 4]
- 4 Tiroru Choco
- 1 sheet of pie sheet
- 1 egg
- Cocoa powder

1. Cut pie sheet into 8 pieces, brush the four corners with egg whites
2. Place tiroru choco in between two sheets and press the edges together with the tines of a fork to seal, after brushing with egg yolk
3. Bake at 200 (Celsius)
4. Sprinkle cocoa powder.


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