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Top Diy DIY: A Whole Cake Accessory Case

DIY: A Whole Cake Accessory Case


DIY: A Whole Cake Accessory Case

It's not just decorating! Accessory case of a whole cake ♡

It looks like a cute ornament, but you can put your accessories into it!

· Clear file
· Resin clay MODENA white / red
· Clay pusher
· Round die large / small
· Adhesive
· Gloves
· Sponge
· Whipped cream for fake sweets
· Decorations
· Pastry bag
· Tweezers
· Decoration cream sauce

1) Mix white and red of resin clay at a ratio of 2: 1 and extend it with a pusher
2) Pull out into a doughnut shape with a die
3) Dry (about half a day of surface drying)
4) At this time, other parts are also made together (colored doughnut type × 1, white doughnut type × 1, colored circle × 1, white circle × 1)
5) Apply the adhesive around the rounded mold with color, and overlap the doughnut shape
6) Cut the sponge round and put it in 5)
7) Squeeze the cream on the parts of the lid and place the decoration parts
8) Place the source from above
9) Dry (about 1 day)

It is also good to change the size of the mold according to what you want to store ♪

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