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Top Diy Puzzle Piece Earrings!

Puzzle Piece Earrings!


Puzzle Piece Earrings!

· Puzzle piece type mold
· UV resin hoshi-no-shizuku HARD
· Toning color palette
· Color Powder Pink
· Toning stick
· UV light
· Screw eye
· Acrylic Pearl
· Acrylic Stone
· Nail polish glitter / white
· Toothpicks
· Round jump ring
· Stone parts with a jump ring
· Earring fittings
· Flat pliers

1) After mixing the resin and color powder, pour in the mold until the 9th minute
2) Cure with UV light
3) Pour resin from the top and spread it throughout
4) Arrange screw eye, pearl, stone and harden it
5) Remove from mold and apply glitter manicure
6) Apply a white manicure to the back of the toothpick and add a pattern
7) Completion after connecting puzzle piece, stone, earring metal fitting with round jump ring!

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