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Top Sweets Starry Night Sky Cake♡

Starry Night Sky Cake♡


Starry Night Sky Cake♡

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
Starry Sky Part
· Water ... 150ml
· Sugar ... 30g
· Agar... 5 g
· Food coloring (black) ... appropriate amount
· Food coloring (blue) ... appropriate amount

· Pre-made sponge base... 1 unit
· Syrup of peach can ... 1 tablespoon
· Canned peach ... 50 g

No-bake cheesecake part
· Cream cheese ... 200 g
· Sugar ... 50 g
· Yogurt ... 200 g
· Heavy cream ... 200ml
· Gelatin ... 10 g (water ... 2 tablespoons)

· Topping sugar (gold)
· Silver dragees

■ Steps
1. Put water in pan and add sugar and agar once it boils.
2. Divide part 1 into two and add food coloring to each.
3. Put the sponge in a mold, brush on the syrup from the peach can, and thinly spread the cut peaches.
4. Melt cream cheese, sugar, yogurt, heavy cream, and gelatin bloomed in water in the microwave. Mix together in a bowl once each is melted.
5. Pour mixture from step 4 over step 3 and let cool.
6. Once 5 has set, add the mixtures from step 2. First pour the black colored mixture in, then the light blue colored one, and finally overlay the darker blue one.
7. Sprinkle the toppings on over a milky way stencil cut out from parchment paper. It’s done♪

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