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Top Diy Sweet♡🍍DIY Pineapple Phone Case w/ Ring

Sweet♡🍍DIY Pineapple Phone Case w/ Ring


Sweet♡🍍DIY Pineapple Phone Case w/ Ring

<What to prepare>
・ Plastic sheet (translucent)
・ Scissors
・ Yellow pastel
・ tweezers
・ Emboss heater
・ KIYOHARA LED & UV craft resin
・ UV light
・ Transparent film
・ Daiso Handy Sealer
・ Pinking shears
・ Smartphone case
・ Deco Princess / Bond
・ Hand drill
・ Phone ring base
・ Round can
・ Flat Pincers
・ Strong adhesive

1. Cut out the plastic plate into a donut shape. At this time, the width of the ring is made about 5 times as thick as the completed one.
2. Make a small cut in a circle and shape it while reminiscent of a pineapple slice.
3. Paint the rough surface of the plastic plate with the image of a pineapple streak with crepes.
4. Apply the emboss heater to the plastic plate while holding it with tweezers and shrink it.
5. Apply LED & UV resin to the surface, cure with UV light for about 10 seconds and coat.
6. Wrap the smaller plastic plate in a transparent film, close it with a handy sealer so that it looks like an individual candy package, and cut it with scissors.
7. Paste the individually packaged candy into a smartphone case with deco princess or bond.
8. Drill a hole in the larger candy with a hand drill, and connect it to the ring base with a round can.
9. Paste to the case with strong adhesive and leave it until the adhesive is completely dry.

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