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Top Cooking Fancy Omelet Rice! Gorgeous & Photogenic

Fancy Omelet Rice! Gorgeous & Photogenic


Fancy Omelet Rice! Gorgeous & Photogenic

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Fancy Omelet Rice! Gorgeous and Photogenic

Ingredients(for one person)

・ Butter ... 5g
・ Onions (sliced) ... 1/2
・ Retort Hayashi Sauce ... 1 bag
・ Ketchup ... 1.5 tbsp

<chicken rice>
・ Butter ... 5g
・ Chicken thigh ... 50g
・ Onions (chopped) ... 1/2
・ Ketchup ... 1.5 tbsp
・ Rice ... 150g

・ Eggs ... 2
・ Milk ... 1 tsp
・ Potato starch ... 1 tsp
・ Your favorite herbs ...
・ Butter ... 10g

■ Steps:
1. Cut the chicken and onions in half and slice in the other half.
2. Put butter in a hot pan and fry the sliced ​​onions. When it becomes soft, add hayashi sauce and 1.5 tablespoons of ketchup and simmer.
3. Heat the frying pan, melt the butter and fry chicken and finely chopped onions.
Add 2 tbsp ketchup and rice and fry without removing water. After adjusting the taste with salt and pepper, use a bowl etc. to make a platter on a plate.
4. Break the eggs into a bowl and add the potato starch dissolved in milk. Heat the frying pan and melt the butter over low heat. (If the frying pan is heated and then rested in a wet cloth, the egg liquid will be baked more beautifully.)
5. Add egg mixture, and when the area is slightly solidified (around 8-10 seconds after adding the egg liquid), add chopsticks from the back and front to the center to turn off the heat.
6. Place the pan on a flat surface and rotate the frying pan around clockwise with the chopsticks fixed. Put eggs on a bowl of rice, add hayashi sauce and your favorite herbs and you're done!

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