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Top Sweets 4 Steps Easy Chocolate Cake

4 Steps Easy Chocolate Cake


4 Steps Easy Chocolate Cake

CCHAN Cooking

■ Ingredients (15 cm round type)
· Cocoa biscuits ... 70g
· Unsalted butter ... 30g
· Cream cheese ... 200g
· Marshmallow ... 150g
· Yoghurt ... 100g
· Dark chocolate ... 10g
· Fresh cream ... 1 tbsp

■ Preparation
· Set yogurt back to normal temperature

■ Steps
1. Put cocoa biscuits in a plastic bag, crush it, add melted butter and mix it, lay it in a cake mold and let it cool.
2. Place cream cheese and marshmallow in a heat resistant container and sprinkle for microwave at 500w for 3 minutes.. Mix well, add yogurt and mix further, and pour into 1 cake mold.
3. Add fresh cream to bitter chocolate melted with boiling water and place it on several times and put a marble pattern on bamboo skewers.
4. Cool it in the refrigerator, when it solidifies, it is completed!

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