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Top Nail Crispy♪ Fried Rice Cake Nail!

Crispy♪ Fried Rice Cake Nail!


Crispy♪ Fried Rice Cake Nail!

Crispy♪ Fried Rice Cake Nail!

Introducing grilled mochi nails that are likely to smell fragrant!
I'm hungry just by watching ... ♡

1. Apply the white sand gel twice.
2. Apply a non-wipe gel and sprinkle black shells.
3. Put the non-wipe gel in the silicone mold.
4. After hardening, apply hard gel.
5, take out from the silicon mold.
6. Paint the removed parts white.
7. Apply the decoration gel, then put the pearl.
8, Coat the pearl.
9. Apply white 3D gel to express the surface of the rice cake.
10. Using brown gel, draw the burnt rice cake.
11. Apply top gel only to the round part.
12. Apply clear gel to nails and put net.
13. Apply clear gel to the center of the net and put the rice cake on it.

produced by NASK

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Nail model introduction

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