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Top Culture 3-in-1?! Unique Salad Spinner!

3-in-1?! Unique Salad Spinner!


3-in-1?! Unique Salad Spinner!


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A convenient salad spinner for salads and sandwiches.
I think that it takes a place and I do not use it frequently ... but there are three things that can be used ✨

☑️ 3WAY Salad Spinner Toffy
・Salad spinner
Just put in the washed vegetables and turn the handle!
You can drain water well, so the dressing will not be thinned out and you can use a smaller amount than usual ♪
Vegetables are crispy, so sandwiches can be delicious.

You can also use it as a chopper by replacing the basket inside with a blade!
Since it has a large capacity, you can cut a lot at a time.
You can also adjust the roughness, so you can customize it for each dish and taste ✨

With a blender and egg separator!
Since you can separate egg yolk and egg white, it is convenient not only for fluffy TKG and egg in cloud but also for making sweets!
In addition to the meringue, you can add all the ingredients and mix the pancake dough.
If adults hold it, even children can mix it without overflowing♪

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