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Top Cooking [Immune boost!] Mackerel Green Tea Rice

[Immune boost!] Mackerel Green Tea Rice


[Immune boost!] Mackerel Green Tea Rice

CCHAN Cooking
[Immune boost!] Mackerel and Green Tea Rice

Mackerel contains a lot of vitamin D, which regulates immune function, and green tea contains a lot of catechin, which suppresses virus infections.
Also, white sesame contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which seems to enhance immunity!
Please try it.

■ Ingredients
・ Rice
・ Mackerel can… 1 can
・ Soy sauce ... 2 tsp
・ Maitake mushroom… 1/2 pack
・ Petit tomatoes ... 5
・ Green tea bag… 1 pack
・ Water ... 400 ml
・ Trefoil ... appropriate amount
・ White sesame

■ Steps
1. Put washed rice, canned mackerel, soy sauce, maitake mushrooms, petit tomatoes, and green tea leaves in a rice cooker.
2. Add water up to the 2nd line in the rice cooker, mix and cook rice.
3. When 2 is cooked, mix it well and sprinkle the white sesame and the trefoils to complete.

Production: Kiko Miura

Saori Todo
Aloha Saori Jiyugaoka Clinic Director (https://aloha-saori-jiyugaoka-cl.jp)
After graduating from Nippon Medical School, at the Musashi-Kosugi Hospital attached to Nippon Medical School, a resident / internal medicine specialist, worked as a director at the Zenitokai Maruko Clinic. From the experience of being involved in dialysis treatment for many years,
In May 2019, we opened the Aloha Saori Jiyugaoka Clinic in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, in order to provide medical care closer to patients.
We have general internal medicine, dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology to provide a wide range of treatments from lifestyle-related diseases to allergy treatment.
Aiming to be a local home doctor who can consult anything

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